The world needs your light

Sometimes it takes an overwhelming collapse to get redirected towards something incredible. That’s nature’s way of balancing, some kind of detox before you could open to the greater goodness of life.

It reminds me of a metaphor related to Heliotropism, wonderfully explained by Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson (Dept. of Positive Psychology, University of North Carolina), that plants turn towards sunlight, stretch themselves to open up and soak in as much sunlight as possible in order to bloom. Similarly, at times we need to let life stretch before ourselves and embrace it instead of clinging on to what’s familiar.

Your flaws and imperfections make you unique, make you real

“You are worthy, talented & competent. You are much better & smarter than you think you’re. Remember that & repeat it every day. I believe in you, believe in yourself too”- Stairway to leadership

Do you usually shy away from owning your accomplishments? Do you often attribute your success to sheer luck? Or feel skeptical about your capabilities to the extent that you anticipate that sooner or later the world would find out that you’re a fraud and don’t even deserve to be where you are. …

Disclaimer: I am not a parent, but this article is inspired by insights that I gained from conversations with adults, many of whom are parents.

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As NLP practitioners, we often come across people with unresourceful behaviours, mindsets or belief systems. In many cases, on digging deeper, we find that their current state of mind (even if they are adults and parents now) has roots in their childhood or teenage years. These deep-seated emotional setbacks are often unknowingly caused by ignorant parents. The reason why I’d like to focus on ‘unknowingly’ and ‘ignorant’ is because even though the parents perhaps never did anything on purpose, they never realized that their actions or words could leave long-lasting scars on their children’s psyche. However, at any level if…

Hands-on Means to be ‘The One in Control’

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.” Anna Freud

Technically our brain encounters approximately two million bits of information per second when we are awake. Needless to say, if all the information is processed at once it would have a paralysing effect on the brain. Our subconscious mind works behind our consciousness to constantly choose relevant information (that matters to us). It then synthesizes this information as per our past experiences, thought process, belief system and the…

‘You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to swim.’

Sam complained of feeling negative all the time and how she hated going through her days feeling miserable about herself. At the age of 58 she experienced chronic physical pain due to bone issues and feared that she was becoming forgetful with every passing day. She felt less loved by her husband and enquired nervously ‘Things used to be so different, is he tired of my misery?’. She loves to shop but the little happiness she garnered from shopping seemed to disappear in a matter of hours. That would…

It’s about something they do, more than something they have

For a very long time I believed that to be able to motivate people I need to be a good educator or a teacher. However, eventually I realized that being a good student of life lessons enables us to encourage others.

So, as I started showing up as a good student to my life experiences, I began to observe the little changes inside myself. …

Save yourself from regrets and take that leap of faith

As the title indicates, this write-up is about a sudden realization that I had at a moment — I thought, ‘I cannot jump and nothing on earth could convince me to do so!’ While I was taken aback by the incident which transpired this thought, it did teach me a deep lesson that I feel is worth sharing.

When I was a little girl I used to love swimming. Even though I was always a little apprehensive of the incongruence between the water level and my height, I still loved…

Overcome the hidden fear of winning

“Winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself.” — Roger Staubach

This article is to address our ‘Fear of Winning’. Yes, you heard it right!!

Fear is a negative state of mind as opposed to being elated or thrilled which is often triggered by winning. However, in a mysterious way the human mind is capable of placing fear right before and after winning or any kind of transformation for that matter.

The obvious question here could be- We work so hard towards winning so why should one be scared to be there??

The first category of fear is related to all the roadblocks which we…

The difference which could make a difference

The phrase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) might sound very heavy but in essence it is as simple as being aware of and understanding your own thought patterns and underlying emotions. EQ is not about getting rid of your emotions when you experience them, but more about feeling, addressing and responding to them in an appropriate way in the right context.

There could be those moments of emotional upheaval when it almost seemed like you were momentarily possessed and lost all control of your mind, action, behaviour and words. …

A Pragmatic Take On Fear

Have you ever realized that fear could be like an old annoying friend?

An existence that bothers you and every-time you feel like it’s gone, it re-appears in a new shape and form! The beauty is that the old friend never really leaves us, however, as we walk down this road of life we often come across a new friend popularly known as ‘Courage’. So, when we say that ‘I am no more scared’, it actually means that we have chosen the latter over the former.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to view fear as a friend and not…

Tannistha, Transformational Coach

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